I only use real 24k gold and proper Urushi lacquer. This method is the only one that allows a food safe reuse of objects such as bowls and cups, and it is the only one that can provide a real added-value to your favorite objects.

Traditional technique

Our kintsugi products are are testaments to the power of embracing our flaws and finding beauty in the imperfections. They embody the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which celebrates the beauty of imperfection.

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Immerse yourself in the elegance of handcrafted bowls, cups, and other pieces that bear the marks of their journeys. Each imperfection is meticulously repaired with gold, creating a mesmerizing contrast that highlights the resilience of these pieces.


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I’m proud to show the numerous editors and companies that featured my work or took the time to write a paper on my creations.