The choice of craftsmanship :

  • An art restorer with over 18 years’ experience in restoring a variety of materials: ceramics, glass, wood, stone…
  • A craftswoman committed to perpetuating a demanding and authentic traditional know-how, respecting the traditional materials of kintsugi: natural lacquer and pure gold.
  • A sensitive and passionate artist who blends the ancestral art of kintsugi with her contemporary creations of innovative objects, decors and designs.

Born in Nice in 1985, I completed a Master’s degree in Heritage Restoration at the École de Condé in Paris. My first jobs? Restoring works of art for institutions and antique dealers. Then my passion for ceramics led me to kintsugi restoration: I fell in love with this traditional Japanese technique, whose philosophy is to repair cracks by making them more beautiful.

My Philosophy

Kintsugi is the art of patience, precision and meticulousness. It’s about handling precious works, objects and materials, like the pure gold needed for restoration. It’s also a sustainable art form, close to the philosophy of upcycling and recycling, which gives new life and use to broken objects.

This work on resilience is at the heart of my artistic approach. My creations highlight breakage, transforming discarded objects into desirable works of art, repairing them to make them functional again, to continue writing their history.

Kintsugi is about changing the way we look at things.
Transforming scars into strength, cracks into beauty, filling missing pieces with gold. It’s a metaphor for the wounds of body and soul that can be repaired. Of a handicap, whether born or acquired, that can be magnified. And suddenly, what was once considered a defect becomes beautiful.

If you are interested in my work, you can browse the e-commerce part of my website where you will discover a lot of Kintsugi objects from bowls to sculptures as well as some more personal creations.