Brush pot made of canton porcelain

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The indispensable accessory of the Chinese scholar: the brush pot. This type of object appeared during the Song period, around the 10th or 11th century. It’s no coincidence, since this was the period when scholarly painting developed, combining calligraphy and poetry… and therefore requiring the use of several brushes.

Here, a 16 cm-high pot in Canton porcelain. The porcelain is characterized by abundant, richly colored decoration. It shows elegant ladies with fans, in a beautiful residence. The scene covers the entire surface of the pot.
But, a victim of the passage of time, this superb object was in dire need of care. Thanks to kintsugi restoration, with a pure gold finish, this pot can once again be used as a container… or simply admired!

Myriam’s view:
Seasoned collectors already know: for the past ten years or so, brush pots have been all the rage! Some particularly exceptional ones recently sold for over a million euros.

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Certificate of Authenticity



Blue, Green, Pink


24 carats Gold, Porcelain, Urushi (Japanese lacquer)



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