Bauhaus black vase

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Beware, an exceptional piece! This 27 cm-high porcelain vase is signed by the great German ceramist Hedwig Bollhagen. In 1934, she co-founded a ceramics factory that is still active today. Her creations have a unique style, both sober and timeless, marked by the influence of the Bauhaus designers she worked with. Such is the case of this beautiful vase, with its clean, geometric Bauhaus design.

Accidentally broken, this vase was restored using the traditional kintsugi technique, natural lacquer and pure gold. Now unique, it is once again perfectly functional and can be used to display bouquets of flowers, or simply as a beautiful object to admire.

Myriam’s eye:
In this piece, I particularly like the way in which the golden veins of the kintsugi are set off by the matte black enamel of the vase. Likewise, the asymmetrical style of the decoration blends perfectly with the random scars of the broken and restored pieces.

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24 carats Gold, Porcelain, Urushi (Japanese lacquer)

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