Porcelain jar, Ming period

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This imposing white porcelain jar, decorated with cobalt-blue scholars, collapsed on itself during firing.

This unforeseen event caused it to crack as soon as it left the potter’s kiln!

Under its foot is inscribed in kaishu “Da Ming Jianjing Nian Zhi”, allowing us to date it to the sumptuous Ming period, and more precisely to the Jiajing era (1522-1566). This was exactly the time when blue-on-white decors were at their technical apogee and most popular.

When it arrived at the workshop, I consolidated and restored it using the traditional 24-carat gold kintsugi technique.

Rarely do pieces with firing defects make it to our workshop! Until now, I’d only seen them in museums.

Its height of almost 38cm and width of 40cm make it a truly fascinating piece.


Myriam’s view: It will delight contemporary art lovers and antique collectors alike.

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Blue, White


24 carats Gold, Ceramic, Urushi (Japanese lacquer)

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