Floor vase “Nikaïa”

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This elegant earthenware jar, an impressive 120 cm high, is based on one of the most famous vase shapes in Chinese art: the Meiping. This simple yet voluptuous silhouette dates back over 1000 years. It was long considered a tour de force for potters: its imposing format and the perfection of its volumes demanded exceptional technical mastery!

This refined silhouette has survived the centuries to become one of the great classics of Asian art. And these jars, originally lidded and designed to hold alcohol, have since become highly prized decorative objects for collectors.

Here, this jar has been incised and then magnified by the application of pure 24-carat gold to imitate the cracks restored with kintsugi. This patient, meticulous craftsmanship makes this jar absolutely unique: it can now be used as a vase or as a work of art to be displayed in your home, as a centerpiece of your interior decoration!

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Myriam’s view:
I’m particularly sensitive to Meiping vases: their timelessness and modernity are very touching. In France, we’re lucky enough to be able to admire one of the rarest masterpieces of its kind at the Musée Guimet!


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24 carats Gold, Ceramic, Urushi (Japanese lacquer)

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