Antique : sculpture of Fo dog with its puppies

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Exceptional piece alert! At 40 cm high, this large Japanese sandstone sculpture makes an immediate impression… It features a majestic guardian lion (or Fo lion), here depicted in female form and accompanied by her two cubs. Traditionally, these guardian lions are found at the entrance to Chinese or Japanese temples, with a male form associated with power, and a female form symbolizing protection. With a mother like this, there’s no doubt that these two little ones are well looked after!

Because of its age and, above all, its fragility, the piece had suffered a great deal of damage: splinters, broken or missing parts. The highly complex kintsugi restoration work involved reconstituting the missing elements, assembling the fragments and magnifying these meticulous repairs with a pure gold finish.

Whether you’re admiring the rediscovered unity of this rare carved group, or protecting your home, this lioness is sure to find its place in your home!

Myriam’s eye:
The rarity of this work is also due to a tiny but important detail: the sculpture is signed in ancient kanji. It reads “Made in Satsuma, at Noboru’s fire”. It’s a great opportunity to be able to identify the artist and the place of creation of such a work!



Please note: This particularly fragile work must be shipped by specialized carrier, the cost of which will be assessed on quotation, and will be added to the price of the work.

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24 carats Gold, Ceramic, Urushi (Japanese lacquer)



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