Large white porcelain vase

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This large white porcelain vase, decorated with stylized flowers in relief, comes from the Wallendorf factory. This famous German porcelain workshop opened its doors in 1764, a date found on the stamp at the foot of this vase.

This piece dates back to the Art Deco period, and its enamel is dazzlingly white.


Accidentally broken, I restored it using traditional Japanese lacquer, called Urushi, and 24-carat gold.

You can reuse this vase for your bouquets, or simply keep it as an object to admire.

It measures 40 cm in height, and is truly unique.


Myriam’s view: German porcelain is no match for Chinese porcelain. Its exceptional quality will delight all lovers of fine art.

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24 carats Gold, Porcelain, Urushi (Japanese lacquer)

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